Betty's friends CATTIN AROUND AT A MOTEL in room no. 12

Raise your hand if you remember motor courts. Little motels that were always one floor little cabins or duplexes. Sometimes there was an actual garage to pull into.

Here are Betty's friends with an unknown woman (not that Betty's friends aren't also unknown) holding a cat. Was she the motel manager? A friend who got them a good deal to stay there? We'll never know.

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That's it folks. As of now I haven't found anymore photos from the girls getaway. Who knows what will show up in the future.


SNACKS and stuff

As a child I can remember getting fun things at tourist spots. You know what I'm talking about, don't you? The HUGE pencil with scenes of the location on it. The pen with the floating whatever that moved back and forth when you rotated it. Seashells at the shore. Postcards, figurines of bears from national parks, maybe even a tom-tom made with a black rubber top. Saltwater taffy was always exciting. It was so colorful and smelled wonderful.

I do remember visiting Atlantic City and getting one of those toy monkeys that played cymbals. I put it on the motel room nightstand and let it bang it's little cymbals over and over until my mother probably wanted to throw it out the window.

Alas, few of the things I got as a kid at tourist spots are in my possession. A lot of the stuff simply disappeared over the years (grumble grumble my original 1955 Mouse ears).

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So what did Betty and her friends buy at Mystic Seaport? If I'd known what to look for I might have found it in her house during the estate sale. Or was Betty too practical to keep such things? I should have paid closer attention to the what-nots in her home. I was too focused on photos to have noticed the flotsam and jetsam of her life.


LOOK UP! Look up!...

One of Betty's friends on their girl get-away to Mystic Seaport. We can understand why the woman in the green skirt is looking up, but what about the one on the right? What exactly has her staring upward, mouth open? Beware…never a good idea to stand around a seaport looking up with your mouth open. I'm just sayin'.

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But dig the white high heels, white gloves, pearls, and nice purse over her arm. Imagine seeing someone at a tourist spot dressed like this today. More likely flip-flops, bare midriff top, and tight shorts on a body bulging with previous meals.


The whole thing was RIGGED

When I first saw this week's Sepia Saturday prompt I was transported to a large sailing ship with masts and rigging. Alas, it's more Wichita Lineman than Master and Commander.

But the images that follow are indeed of sailing ships. I have no idea where these ships were located in these vintage shots, most likely taken by Betty Schnabel, Donald's daughter. Knowing that for many years Betty lived on the East Coast, I can guess that's the location of this seaport. I welcome any guesses.

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Apparently Betty took a trip with friends for a few days. Not many shots were taken, but I will post a few more shots of her friends on there girl get-away.

UPDATE: Thanks to Intense Guy I now know these shots were taken at Mystic Seaport in Mystic, Connecticut.

And now, in honor of the linemen in the Sepia Saturday prompt...



Each one of these may be followed by a sigh.

"Oh to be in Paris this time of year."

"It only hurts when I laugh."

"I am stuck on bandaids brand and bandaids stuck on me."

"Her name is Matilda, and she has the most beautiful hazel green eyes."

"Could you speak up? I can't hear you. What? Huh?"

"It was a very bright light…and then poof! they were gone."

"No, my teeth are fine. Why do you ask?"

"Well, mother, the teacher said it would stop me from talking in class."

"Gee wiz doc, I don't know what you gave me, but I don't feel any pain. I don't feel anything…but how come you have two noses?"

"No, I'm only wearing this because mother cut my sideburns too short."


Bob? How do you like the POI?

This is the same little fella who has been featured in the two previous posts. We'll now call him Bob. Or perhaps it should be Bob? to be more specific.

I'm guessing he's just sucking on his fingers, but I prefer to think maybe he's been dipping into some two fingered poi. Go for it little dude!


Devilish CHERUBIC smile

This is the same little unknown fella from yesterday. Bob? Bob…is that you? Or is it Donald? Unless someone is really good at reading facial features we'll never know.

Nothing is written on the back of this real photo postcard from Donald G. Schnabel's family album. Donald was one of nine children. One was named Robert. So maybe this is really Bob?



You can only guess my joy today when my doctor told me that after four weeks (this coming Monday) my ankle has not healed one bit. Not at all. The bone, thanks to this nasty European made torture chamber, is in the right position, but no healing. Still broken as much as it was on day one. At least three more weeks of this Borg boot. I think I almost screamed with joy in her ear over the phone. I hate to say it, but it sucks getting older…except for the alternative.

So, with joy on my mind I found this shot taken by Donald G. Schnabel. Good old Donald, always ready to mark his photos with data about what his process was. I don't know if I've ever mentioned that many of the slides are marked with data about what camera he was using. In this case he provides us with the settings he used and his address.

As to who the child is…no idea. Someone thought it might be "Bob?" It might have been helpful if Donald had provided the child's name.

Then again, maybe it's baby Donald? He was born in 1898. What do you think?

More shots of this child to come.